Business Modeling for startups

Business Modeling for startups

Are you in a continuous struggle on taking the decision of whether you should or not achieve your long-standing dream of setting your own business? Are you a young entrepreneur lacking the firm grasp of your own business? Do you have everything settled aside from the knowledge to run your own project?

Here’s the most convenient post you’ll go through this week.
We are going to undergo a ‘Business Model Canvas’ workshop which is going to be held on Saturday 21 April [3 to 8 pm]
This workshop will give you a wide range of knowledge to document & mapping your business model by addressing nine using “Business model canvas” one of the most used frameworks for describing the elements of business models.

-Customer Segments
-Value Proposition
-Customer Relationships
-Key Activities
-Key Resources
-Key Partnerships
-Revenue Streams
-Cost Structure

Workshop Agenda:
– [From 3 to 6 pm] Explanation
– [From 6 to 6:30] Case Studies
– [From 6:30 to 7:30] Your Cases
– [from 7:30 to 8 ] Questions & Discussion

These are the nine must have components which allows you to uniquely know your business aspects. The workshop fee is 100 LE