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Coworking is a style of work mixed with collaboration, productivity and creativity. It requires challenging & motivative spaces which are often a shared offices area that gives you an opportunity to engage with like-minded coworkers instead of being isolated. It is all about sharing Values, Experience and Success altogether.


Flux is the place where talents meet. We support you all through the journey starting from providing the proper highly equipped space with affordable prices, In addition to offering the full access to our resources and connections that facilitates your work and get exposure, and finally the CoLife experience that involves you in the community through some events and workshops.


We are exerting our utmost to provide the best atmosphere and facilities for our clients to work, collaborate and achieve progress to create their unique success story.

What do we provide?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or startup,
we will support you throughout the entire path with your necessities.

Coworking Slots

We are providing Highly equipped slots with cozy chairs and desks that help you focus and increase your productivity within an innovative space which connects you with a great community of freelancers and startups.

Shared & Private Offices

Just Leave your home office and get your perfect dedicated desk with your full identity. shared offices allow you to build business relations that will definitely assist you all through your journey.

Meeting Rooms

We are providing meeting rooms with all the facilities that you may need to focus and reach the most successful outcome. If you have regular meetings, you will definitely get great offers.

Event Venue

If you are seeking for a professional event concerning all details that may help in building trust, we will contribute in organizing your event to be significant and phenomenal.

Community Development Programs

We are always working on building a community of self independent people through some activities that involve them in the community and achieve better engagement.

Workshops & Training

We are organizing workshops and training sessions in different fields to enhance your skills that improves your quality of life to stand out from the crowd.