Many people ask what is a coworking space? One of the best answers for this question is what the founder of Tahoe Mountain Lab, Jamie Orr. Coworking Space is about creating a better place to work, and, as a result, a better way to work. Coworking spaces provide more than just office space. They are community centers, friendly gathering places, think tanks. When you rent a desk or an office, you gain coworkers to bounce ideas off and that support you professionally in a way that you can’t find working from home or in the corporate office. Coworking Space connects you to a global network of professional peers.

 So, what is meant by “Polymath”?! Polymath is an expression for a category of people who are skilled at many things and interested in several different fields for a really long time. In the ancient Greek language, “poli” means many and “mantheon” means learning.

Long ago, the polymath was highly valued in societies as the renaissance era in Europe and  like Leonardo Da Vinci whose interests were in invention, painting, architecture, botany, geology, astronomy, and engineering. Another example from the middle ages is Muhammad Al-Bayrouni who had a great impact in astronomy and astrology; from composite chemistry to comparative sociology; from scientific mathematics to phenomenal physics; and from psychology to philosophy. Being a polymath is just to be skilled in diverse areas and you are quite energizing. It doesn’t mean that you should be another copy of Da Vinci.


   The problem here is that the society doesn’t seem value being a renaissance. Think about it, in the earliest middle school where you are doing only one sport and your parents make you focus on only one field to study in order to work in one academic discipline, then, universities start directing young people in one area of expertise. In addition, the media focus on celebrity self-one talent. If we have a glimpse of the old ages, we will find that there was an acceptance in societies for polymaths. Many scientists were polymaths.


  Nowadays, the coworking spaces all over the world are the place where you can find the polymaths of our age. You may find there a student who is studying a science major in college in the morning and he can be a photographer or an artist after finishing lectures and in the night he is a freelancer.

Coworking spaces give young people the opportunity to have many choices, coworking spaces are helping them to gain the knowledge they cannot get from universities. In addition, you have the chance to meet people have the same methodology in thinking so you can exchange experiences.