Lately, it’s so obvious that coworking spaces businesses are growing trend. That’s basically because they solve a lot of problems for the entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and hard-working students. So maybe it’s not just a trend anymore. It’s a new solution presented in many fields. For example, most coworking spaces now provide the availability for creating events and seminars. Also, many people use them to make sessions, workshops and give training to develop the community.

Recently, Coworking spaces give the opportunity to many startups and small companies to rent private offices. Moreover, they offer Shared offices and Coworking Slots
This is, of course, independent of the space that is designed for people to use for studying or to finish their work if they are freelancers.

So let’s talk about facts. Coworking spaces are a major trend that’s not going to die easily.
Coworking spaces changed the culture and the way people think in different ways as people working in a positive environment where they can collaborate with each other which leads to increasing the productivity of work.
So these facts must be taken into consideration when talking about this growing hit.

However, like any other business trends and hits to call a coworking space a perfect coworking space we must consider “quality” on our perspective to measure on a scale of 1 to 10 how good enough it is.

“quality” is a really deceiving measure because what is considered to me as a quality standard differs from your’s … But fairly talking, there are some things that are considered as a “quality” measures to most of the people.
That’s why for a coworking spaces quality can be measured for example by what they offer. For instance, desks, chairs, tables, wifi speed, projectors, ACs, lightning and sound systems, and even how the painting of the rooms and doors is suitable and good. How well designed and well located the coworking space is also seen as a quality standard.

Surprisingly, what is also considered in the quality measurement of coworking spaces lately: the treatment of the people who work as well as their attitude and appearance.

Like any other business, if a coworking space provided the minimum standard of quality, it may stay in business for a while but not for a long time while if it exceeded the customers’ expectations it won’t be just a coworking space for them. It would be a second home and a comfort zone.